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The UNDERSTANDING that we are all doing this thing called “life” TOGETHER

“A touchstone… that brings about a sense of motivation, a reminder to take care of myself, or an invitation to play.”

A. Finnegan


“I have been following Nathalie Herrman’s Daily Enlightenments blog for years. When I read the posts, I think Rumi, Saint Francis… the messages are aligned with the greatest sages in history. I am moved by them, in awe, and always inspired…”

B. Nerenberg

Certified EFT Tapping Practitioner

“Succinctly provoking, supportively direct, and brilliantly crafted…”

M. Young

Department of Homeland Security

“A reminder to allow time to experience life.”

R. Coleman

Graduate Student

“This blog has helped me broaden my perspective, feel empowered, and connect to my truth.”

M. Skolky

Commercial Property Insurance Broker Jencap Insurance Services Inc.

About the Author

Nathalie loves people, is fascinated by the journey of life, and shares her reflections, curiosities, and insights with us as she experiences daily challenges and delights. She has two published books, a background as a personal trainer, and is in the process of creating an Art Studio Store called L’ Arte Vivente (Nathalie is the artist). She holds two patents, is the mother of adult twins, a professional speaker, a proficient gardener, and a 5 rhythms dancer. Nathalie has lived in 11 states, traveled to 13 countries, renovated three houses, and enjoyed two ten-year marriages. She’s passionate, upbeat, and doggedly persistent, which is good for us, because it guarantees a future for

The One-Of-A-Kind Daily Enlightenments Blog!

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